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A deed is a written document for the transfer of land or other real property from one person to another. It contains some contract or agreement delivered by the parties. All instruments in writing under seal are treated as deals, whether they relate to the conveyance of lands or to any other matter; a bond, a single bill, an agreement in writing, or any other contract. A deed is a signed and usually sealed legal instrument in writing used to grant a right. Deeds are also referred to as agreements under seal, contracts by deed, or specialties. Deeds are often used by lawyers when a very formal document is required.

Furthermore, deeds can be described as contract-like as they require the mutual agreement of more than one person. Deeds can be distinguished from covenants, which are unilateral promises. However, a deed is enforceable without consideration. A deed has a liability limitation period of double that of a contract. It allows for a third party beneficiary to enforce an undertaking in the deed, thereby overcoming the doctrine of privity. Generally, powers of attorney, commissions, patents, and even diplomas conferring academic degrees are also deeds.

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